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Post-Production Services

Remote Edit Bays

Whether you want to remote into an edit bay or rent one for your own office, we have post-production equipment ready for you to use including producer bays, NAS, and Nexus storage.

Color Correction

Our network of colorists have been vetted through countless projects to ensure that you have the best eyes on your piece. Whether you are looking for a natural or stylized color session, we are your team.

Offline Edit

We are fluent in all editing software including Premiere, Final Cut, AVID, and Davinci. Any program that you want to use for cutting your piece, we have you covered with editors and rentable software.

Online Editorial

The process of onlining your media can be wrought with challenges, but at Pairadox, we believe in clear organization and talented online editors to guide even the most complicated footage database.

Audio Services

We have a team of sound mixers ready to assist you with VO, foley, sound editing, and final mixing.

Master Delivery

We are familiar with each Network's final delivery specs to ensure a smooth final delivery that has been reviewed and QC'ed to perfection.

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